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Cleaning Finished Concrete Flooring In Your Home

Concrete flooring is a beautiful, durable and easy-to-maintain flooring option for your home. If you care for the flooring properly, it will outlast any other flooring option that you could have chosen. Use the cleaning techniques listed below to maintain your beautiful concrete flooring.

Remove Loose Dirt

The technique that you use to remove loose dirt and food from your concrete flooring will depend on the type of finish.

Textured Finish – Textured concrete flooring can make it a little more difficult to remove dust, dirt and food. Invest in a hand-held vacuum with a floor attachment with a brush. The brush will help loosen the stuck-on debris, and the vacuum will suck it up off of the flooring with ease. If you don't have a hand-held vacuum, you can use a standard vacuum that allows you to disengage the rotating brush. Avoid using rotating brushes because they will kick the debris out from under the vacuum and scatter it about the floor.

Smooth Finish – Floors with a smooth finish are typically easier to sweep up and keep clean. Use a traditional dust mop to capture all of the dust, dirt and food that may be on the floor. The dust mop will get into the corners and hold onto the dirt more effectively than sweeping with a broom.

Mop the Floor

Again, the method of mopping will vary between the types of concrete flooring that you have. Although the methods are different, the solution that you use is the same. Simply run some very hot water in a bucket and add a little bit of liquid dish soap. The dish soap will remove grease and disinfect the floor without damaging the sealant.

Textured Flooring – Using a traditional string mop is the best method of mopping a textured concrete floor. You need the mop to get down into the cracks and crevices in the floor, and a string mop will do that well. Just be sure that you wring as much water out of the mop as you possibly can to avoid swishing dirty water all over your floor.

Smooth Finish – Smooth finish concrete flooring oftentimes has a beautiful shiny finish. To maintain the streak-free shine, use a flat mop with a removable microfiber cover. Wear rubber gloves and dip the mop cover into the hot water. Wring out the mop cover very well and begin mopping in short, even strokes.

Using these techniques will help to keep your stunning concrete floors looking their best. Perform a full cleaning of your flooring at least once each week, and it will continue looking great for many, many years. For more advice, speak with experts like Fleshcon / Clearview Concrete.