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Important Signs That Mean Your Building May Need Demolishing

If you own a business that is operating in an old building, you may wonder about its structural integrity. Bear in mind that even though some older building are made out of concrete and steel, there are some signs that can tell you that concrete is becoming unsafe and compromised. When you see some signs in your concrete building, you might need to think about demolition.

Cracking In Concrete Floors And Walls

One of the most common reasons older concrete structures experience cracking is due to settlement. As the structure settles over time, the moisture from the ground and the impact of temperatures cause cracking to occur. One crack can start out small and spread longer and wider over time. If you see cracks in the floors or in the walls, especially in basements or on first levels of a building, it is time to consider its structural integrity.

Be sure to inspect flooring around metal support beams and poles as well. For getting the best advice about your possible needs for demolishing or repairs, contact a professional concrete contractor. In some cases, a concrete contractor, like those at Accurate Concrete Cutting, can cut out the cracked areas for making repairs that will improve structural strength.

The Elements Can Take Their Toll On Concrete

During winter, frost can cause concrete walkways and foundations to heave upwards due to the water in the soil beneath it freezing and un-thawing over and over again. Bear in mind the temperatures would need to be below freezing a great deal in one season for you to see frost heave taking place in newer concrete structures.

However, in an older concrete building, the foundation could be seriously suffering because of the effects of frost heaving over the years. If your older building has cracks in the foundation or if you see chunks of concrete bulging upwards into an angle in the lower floor of your building, the time to call a professional is at hand.

City Improvements May Be Forcing Your Hand

If the city your older building is located at is undergoing planned improvement, you may facing demolition due to a city official noticing signs of structural compromise with your building. In this case, you may have no choice but finding a new building. However, before you make final choices about demolition, be sure to have at least two professional contractors inspect your building first. In this way, you can feel better knowing you have a problem diagnosed by the professional that is an expert in the field of concrete cutting and construction.

Spending the money to have your older concrete building reinforced could be worthwhile, especially if you hire contractors with the experience and tools necessary for making proper concrete cutting repairs. Exploring all your options before deciding to demolish your old building is the best way to save money and to make the right choices for the future of your business.