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Different Ways To Make Your New Concrete Driveway Resemble Other Materials

Concrete is a durable and affordable material for a driveway, but it is not always the most stylish option. With this in mind, it is important to look into the different ways you can make your new concrete driveway resemble other more stylish options. It will take some extra work to complete, but the improved look is well worth the additional effort. 

Brick Appearance

When you want your driveway to have a brick appearance, you start by adding a solid color to the concrete. The easiest option is to add a dye to the cement mixture in the color you desire.

In most cases, you will add a red dye to the mixture, which gives you the classic brick look. However, you can choose another color for the brick appearance such as a tan or brown. After the color goes into the cement, the paving company pours it out and uses a metal stamp to create the brick pattern.

The benefit of this process is that you get the appearance of a brick driveway without having to install individual bricks. You also do not have to worry about the bricks coming loose or breaking from your car driving over them.

If you do not desire a brick appearance, but like the solid color idea, you can use this method to mimic other materials such as slate or paving tiles. The only difference is that you choose an alternative color for the concrete and change the shape of the stamp used to create the design.

Natural Stone Look

When you prefer an appearance closer to stone, you will need to use a different method for adding the color. Acid-based stains are good for altering the surface because they react to the minerals within the concrete to change the color. In many cases, the stain will create a grain pattern that resembles natural stones like granite and marble.

When it comes to acid-based stains, you choose one color shade such as green, blue, brown or red. The minerals inside the concrete will all react differently, so some areas will be lighter and some darker.

The biggest difference when using this method is that the stain cannot go onto the concrete until after it dries completely. This means you need to have the concrete stamped first if you want to add a pattern to the driveway and then wait for it to dry. The paving company will be able to tell you how long it will take before the stain can be applied.

In many situations, concrete is a good durable option for residential driveways, but it can lack style. For this reason, you want to take the opportunity to talk to a paving company (such as Akko Ltd Cement Finishers driveways) in your area and see which of these enhancements they can make to your new driveway.