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Build A Cinder Block Garden Bed

Concrete blocks can provide the perfect material for creating garden beds. Cinder blocks, which have openings in them, are a popular choice because they are readily available and easy to work with. The following guide can help you create a raised garden bed using concrete supplies.

Start with a clear area

Weed prevention starts before you construct the bed. Strip the turf from the area and till it well. Your goal is to remove as many plant roots as possible. Once this is done, cover the soil with sheets of cardboard. Finally, top this with a layer of landscape fabric and secure it to the ground with u-shaped garden stakes. The cardboard will prevent initial weed growth before it decomposes into the ground. The fabric will then continue to suppress any weeds that survived.

Lay out the tiers

The first tier is the easiest. Simply set down the blocks side by side with the holes facing up. Make sure the blocks are sitting tightly together since you don't want any gaps for soil to seep through. Once the first tier is down, begin the second tier. For this tier, offset your blocks so the joints between two blocks don't line up exactly with the joints between blocks on the bottom tier. You will need to continue to offset on each tier. If you end up with a space that is narrower than your blocks, you can use a masonry blade in a circular saw to cut it in half. Some concrete contractors also have half blocks available for purchase.

Add some security

While cinder blocks are heavy enough to be relatively secure, you may want to add some security. Do this by finding a place where the holes line up sufficiently to drive a concrete reinforcing bar (rebar) into the ground. Install additional rebar posts at intervals along the wall.

Finish it out

You can now fill the bed with the soil mixture and plants of your choice. One decorative option is to fill the exposed holes in the top of the cinder block wall with more soil, and then plant these with herbs or bright annual flowers to create a living border on the wall. If you prefer a more finished look, contact a concrete product provider to find some capstones that you like. These can be mortared in place. Although there are many designs of capstone, a flat variety works well on low garden bed walls since you can sit on them as you work the garden bed.

For more information, contact Kamloops Kemp Concrete Products or a similar company.