Build A Cinder Block Garden Bed

Concrete blocks can provide the perfect material for creating garden beds. Cinder blocks, which have openings in them, are a popular choice because they are readily available and easy to work with. The following guide can help you create a raised garden bed using concrete supplies. Start with a clear area Weed prevention starts before you construct the bed. Strip the turf from the area and till it well. Your goal is to remove as many plant roots as possible.

3 Creative Plans For A Concrete Garden Path

When you plan a garden pathway, you probably want to make it memorable. Perhaps you want to add curb appeal to your house, or maybe you'd just like to provide a pleasant stroll for you and your guests. Naturally, a garden pathway should be cohesive with both your house and your landscaping. Concrete is a customizable material for pathways that is as attractive as it is durable. Plan a creative pathway with reliable concrete as the foundation.

Different Ways To Make Your New Concrete Driveway Resemble Other Materials

Concrete is a durable and affordable material for a driveway, but it is not always the most stylish option. With this in mind, it is important to look into the different ways you can make your new concrete driveway resemble other more stylish options. It will take some extra work to complete, but the improved look is well worth the additional effort.  Brick Appearance When you want your driveway to have a brick appearance, you start by adding a solid color to the concrete.

3 Of The Biggest Mistakes DIY Homeowners Make During Concrete Step Repair

Concrete steps are a common fixture on homes because they provide a lasting and durable stepping surface. However, over time, concrete can weather and break just like anything else, and there may come a time when the steps that you have on your home may need some touching up. Before you grab a bag of ready-mix concrete and a trowel, there are some things that you should know. There are three big mistakes DIY homeowners tend to make when they are performing their own concrete step repairs.

Important Signs That Mean Your Building May Need Demolishing

If you own a business that is operating in an old building, you may wonder about its structural integrity. Bear in mind that even though some older building are made out of concrete and steel, there are some signs that can tell you that concrete is becoming unsafe and compromised. When you see some signs in your concrete building, you might need to think about demolition. Cracking In Concrete Floors And Walls

Cleaning Finished Concrete Flooring In Your Home

Concrete flooring is a beautiful, durable and easy-to-maintain flooring option for your home. If you care for the flooring properly, it will outlast any other flooring option that you could have chosen. Use the cleaning techniques listed below to maintain your beautiful concrete flooring. Remove Loose Dirt The technique that you use to remove loose dirt and food from your concrete flooring will depend on the type of finish. Textured Finish – Textured concrete flooring can make it a little more difficult to remove dust, dirt and food.