Build A Cinder Block Garden Bed

Concrete blocks can provide the perfect material for creating garden beds. Cinder blocks, which have openings in them, are a popular choice because they are readily available and easy to work with. The following guide can help you create a raised garden bed using concrete supplies. Start with a clear area Weed prevention starts before you construct the bed. Strip the turf from the area and till it well. Your goal is to remove as many plant roots as possible.

3 Creative Plans For A Concrete Garden Path

When you plan a garden pathway, you probably want to make it memorable. Perhaps you want to add curb appeal to your house, or maybe you'd just like to provide a pleasant stroll for you and your guests. Naturally, a garden pathway should be cohesive with both your house and your landscaping. Concrete is a customizable material for pathways that is as attractive as it is durable. Plan a creative pathway with reliable concrete as the foundation.